How Many Slices Is On Average In a Loaf of Bread?

bread slices

You love bread, and all of a sudden you’re curious as to how many slices is on average in a loaf of bread? Well, let’s find out for you!

Of course, it all depends on the size of the loaf and the size of the slices that you make.

If we take a standard loaf of sandwich bread, it contains approximately 20-24 slices of bread incl. the end pieces.

If we look at a specialty bread such as the Texas toast, multi-grain, and sourdough, they contain approximately 16-18 slices. But if they’re thin-sliced, it’s approximately 26 slices.

Now if you bake your own bread, you can create some that are over 1 meter long! But in bread machines, you’ll typically create loaves that are 1-2 lbs in size, which is a very standard size.

I hope that answers your questions. Happy bread eating! 😉