Cuisinart CBK-100 Review


It’s nice to have a compromise between the expensive, high-quality products on the market and those that are just plain budget options. We feel that the CuisinartCBK-100 does this very well although it’s not without its flaws. Take a look to find out if this bread machine is what you’ve been looking for!


  • The CuisinartCBK-100 weighs 17 lbs
  • It measures 18 x 22.2 x 15 inches
  • The manufacturer of this product is Cuisinart
  • This product is made in China

Features of Product

You can expect a whole host of features with the CuisinartCBK-100. First of all, this programmable bread machine is capable of baking 1, 1.5 and 2lb loaves. It also has 12 pre-programmed menu options as well as the usual 3 crust settings of light, medium, and dark. The ability to choose the loaf size and type offers a degree of versatility when it comes to baking your own bread at home.

While certain features allow for experimentation, others make the whole process much simpler. For example, the 13-hour delay start timer of the CuisinartCBK-100 is a welcome feature since it allows you to have fresh bread baked for when you wake up or come home from work. An LCD display provides you with all of the necessary information such as loaf size, crust color and the current stage of the bake.

Some common features that can be found on most baking machines included a viewing window as well as a pan and paddle. In particular, the stay-cool handles are a useful addition in order to avoid any burns while it’s always good to have extra things included such as the measuring cup, spoon, and recipes.

Why Should You Buy the Oster 2-Pound Expressbake CuisinartCBK-100?

It would be remiss of us not to mention the sleek design of this bread machine. We like the metallic finish and unlike some other models, this one looks nice on the kitchen worktop. Of course, appearances aren’t everything and, at the end of the day, performance is most important. The CuisinartCBK-100 bakes beautiful bread which is a big reason why you should buy it.

The various settings allow you to create everything from French/Italian bread to gluten free. We think this degree of flexibility is invaluable. Certain features such as the removable lid and stay-cool handles are simple yet add value to this product. Essentially, you should at least consider this product if you’re looking for a great-looking, high-quality bread machine at an affordable price.


  • One of the most important parts of the bread machine is the LCD display. In the case of this product, it’s excellent since it’s quick and convenient to use.
  • Unlike some bread machines, it can make multiple sizes of loans. This provides you with some flexibility if you’re alone or entertaining friends and family.
  • The appearance of bread machines isn’t essential but this one has a great stainless steel construction. As such, it’s sturdy and easier on the eye on the kitchen counter.


  • Unfortunately, this bread machine is quite noisy when in operation. As such, you may not want to use it at certain moments such as when people are sleeping!
  • Aside from the noisy operation, this product is also prone to making loud beeping sounds. These typically indicate ingredient addition or the termination of a batch.
  • While this product is generally of good build quality, the baking pan could be sturdier. As such, you’ll want to take good care of it to avoid having to buy a replacement.

What Are Customers Saying About It?

Opinions from consumers regarding the CuisinartCBK-100 are largely positive. Most tend to be in agreement that it is an easy to use and reliable product. It is said to make good bread and customers really like the versatility offered by the various settings. Comments are positive regarding the appearance of the bread machine with buyers noting the stainless steel exterior.

However, there are some areas in which the CuisinartCBK-100 could be improved, as noted by consumers online. The main issue is that this bread machine can be quite noisy when mixing dough. What’s more, the beeping noise that it emits at certain points is very loud. This may be more noticeable in smaller homes and apartments. Finally, the non-stick baking pan is generally considered to be easy to clean but a little flimsy.


While it does have some small problems, the CuisinartCBK-100 bread machine is a solid choice for your fresh bread needs at home. It strikes a balance between quality and price making it ideal for most people whether they want to bake bread every other day or only once every few weeks. You can’t go wrong with this product and its stylish design!