Is It Cheaper To Bake Your Own Bread Than Buying?

homemade bread

Maybe you’re considering to start making your own bread, or maybe you’re already making your own bread and have started to consider if it’s actually cheaper to bake bread yourself rather than buying.

Here’s the answer: yes it’s cheaper to make your own bread than having to buy it.

In a recent comparison conducted by, the ingredients required for a loaf of homemade sandwich bread cost around $2. Combined with the costs of having it in the oven it’s only around $2.20 to bake your own bread.

Now if you compare that to the cheapest store bread that you can buy which is usually at $3,5-4 it’s clear to see that you save money by making your own bread. But saving money should not be your only incentive. There are heaps of reason as to why you should bake your own bread. Here they are:

There are also other benefits…

Nutritional value

We all know that bread manufacturers add preservative and other unnatural things to the bread. When we buy from the store, we don’t know what has been added to the bread. If we were to bake our own bread, then we’ll know about all the good stuff that we’ve put in it.


Yes, you save time by buying your own bread. But baking your own bread really doesn’t take much of your time. It only adds up to a few minutes here and there. Most of the time is simply spent waiting for the bread to rise.


There’s no denying that homemade bread always wins. The smell, the taste, mhmm… This is personally one of our biggest reasons for making homemade bread. There’s just nothing better in this world than fresh bread with butter.