What is the Best Yeast for making Bread in a Bread machine?

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Yeast is simply an essential ingredient when it comes to making bread. Make bread without the proper yeast, and you’ll find that your bread can fail miserably. So it’s important that you know what types of yeast that are out there, and which one is the best for your bread making needs. So let’s get started.

There are two types of yeast: fresh yeast and dry yeast. As the name suggests, fresh yeast is very fresh but also highly perishable, which means that a lot of stores struggle when it comes to handling it, which is why they don’t tend to sell it. Therefore you should not expect to find fresh yeast in your local store, but luckily some stores sell it. It’s simply the yeas that most professionals and bread fanatics use.

Dry yeast, however, should be available in your local store, and it’s non-perishable, thus making it easier to handle.

When it comes to dry yeast, there are 3 types of it: rapid-rise yeastinstant yeast, and active dry yeast. They’re all made for bread making, but the some of them are better for making bread in a bread machine than others. So let’s take a look at them!

Rapid-Rise Yeast

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rapid rise yeastrapid rise yeastAlso frequently called bread machine yeast, and with great reason. It rises very fast, thus allowing you to bake bread even faster in your bread machine with the “rapid bake” option that should be found on your bread machine. There, is, however, a con of this yeast, and that’s the fact that the bread rises so fast that the flavors don’t get the time to fully develop.

Instant Yeast

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instant yeastInstant yeast has the smallest granules thus making it a lot more perishable than the active dry yeast. It has the name “instant” because it rises faster than active dry yeast because it contains a larger amount of live cells and also dissolves faster.

Active Dry Yeast

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It’s the most common yeast on the market. As its name suggests, the yeast is active, but it’s first when you mix it with water that it starts being “active”. It has a lot of resemblances with the instant yeast. However, this yeast takes longer to rise as it has fewer live cells.

So what type of yeast should be used when making bread in a bread machine?

Fresh yeast is hard to get your hands on, and you really have to know what you’re doing if you use it. Therefore we highly suggest you go for dry yeast.

All 3 types of dry yeast can be used for your bread making adventures, but the truth is that some of them are better than others. Here is our ranking of them.

#1 Instant yeast – It’s great for bread machines because it rises a lot faster than the instant yeast, and develops a lot more flavor than the rapid-rise yeast.

#2 Active dry yeast – Comes as our second choice. It simply loses to instant yeast as it takes longer to rise, and it’s also a bit harder to work with usually.

#3 Rapid-rise yeast – Even though it’s usually called “bread machine yeast” it simply just lacks flavors. It rises super fast which is great, but at the cost of flavor. Therefore we only recommend that you go for this yeast if you’re in a hurry.