The 5 Best Bread Machine Brands – And What They Are Known For


There are a lot of bread machine brands out there. Some are fantastic, some are mediocre and some are bad. It’s a confusing jungle out there if you don’t know what brands are good, as they’ll all say that they’re the best, and that their products are great. But of course there are some that are better than others. So let’s get right into our honest reviews of the most popular brands.

The top 5 manufacturers of bread machines

1. Zojirushi


Zojirushi is a Japanese brand that’s more than 90 years old. They create a lot of innovative products which is what they are known for. They are very great at coming up with new innovations. They don’t just create bread machine. they also create bottles, cans, and much more. We love them because their bread machines are very durable, and you’re just guaranteed that their products always work.

2. Breville


Breville is an Australian manufacturer that specializes in creating small home appliances. It was founded in 1932, and they are known for creating the original sandwich toaster as we know it today. They’re known for their solid coffee machines, but also their bread machines which are made out of some really durable material that is guaranteed to last for long.

3. Oster


Oster creates everything from toasters to food processors and of course their bread machines. Their bread machines are known for being very simplistic, and easy to use. Their design is sleek, and they are usually without a lot of noise, which is great.

4. Cuisinart


They brand themselves on making cooking easier, which is true. Their products are very easy to use. Especially their bread machines. Their bread machines are also very innovative and constantly come with new, unique features.

5. Hamilton Beach

They’re a distributor of small kitchen appliances. They ship over 35 million appliances a year, which is crazy. In the bread machine world they are known for creating some cheap models that are super popular. If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, Hamilton beach is definitely a brand that you should consider.


There are a lot of brands out there, but hopefully this blog post has made it easier for you to discover which brands are great, and which ones aren’t.

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