10 Tips and Tricks for the Bread Machine Lover

Homemade bread

Have you been using a bread machine for a while now? Then you must have figured out how smooth the operation is. If you’re not yet familiar with its use, check out this blog we wrote—you’ll be surprised by how effortless it is to use one!

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, you’ll still need these tips and tricks to get the most out of your miracle-giving device. Ready or not, here they are!

  1. Read the manual.

Don’t just skim and scan, read and understand the instructions. Although most bread machines operate similarly, there are a few distinct rules you should follow in one machine that isn’t stated in another bread machine’s manual. Get to know your bread maker. Getting personal with this device isn’t a mortal sin. Trust me.

  1. Study the settings of your bread machine.

Empty bread machineKnow the difference among basic, French, whole wheat, sweet bread, gluten-free, cake, jam, and quick bread settings. Don’t guess, for the bread’s sake! Use them correctly, and you’ll get the right results.

  1. Start simple.

If you’re a beginner, start with easy recipes. Don’t try complicated ones right away. You have to get to know the settings of your bread maker first. A pizza dough would be a great start.

  1. Use the right ingredients.

What are the right ingredients? The fresh ones. Tasty bread that will not stale quickly can be attained if you use fresh ingredients. There’s also another secret: Ensuring that dry ingredients are stored properly at room temperature.

  1. Welcome bread flour to the family.

He is stronger than the other wheat flours, allowing him to sustain the hardships in your bread maker. He can also provide better texture and volume to the bread. He’s a hero. Give him a chance.

Flour on table

  1. Let the introverted yeast spend some time alone.

If you’ve been using your bread machine, you’d know yeast needs some alone time. That’s why you have to ensure it doesn’t come in direct contact with sugar, salt, and water.

  1. Be careful with your substitute ingredients.

Bear in mind that there are various types of flour. For starters, all-purpose flour and wheat flour absorb different amounts of moisture. Also, if you’re going to use the express cycle, remember that the yeast must be doubled, even tripled, depending on your bread machine. For each cup of flour, the ¾ teaspoon of active dry yeast should be used, and that’s different from the instant yeast (½ teaspoon for each cup of flour). This is why reading the manual is a must and not an option.

  1. Cut butter or margarine.

Slice them if your recipe needs any of these. Cutting them will guarantee their even and proper blend with the other ingredients.

  1. Slice the bread after 30 minutes.

Be patient! Let your bread cool down for at least half an hour before you slice it.

Homemade bread with fruits and nuts

  1. Get rid of the kneading paddle with a wooden spoon.

Use the end of a wooden spoon to take the kneading paddle out of the machine. It’s safe and won’t allow you burn your beautiful, smooth skin.